What is AOD 9604?

Initially, AOD 9604 was developed as an anti-obesity drug, and is marketed to help burn fat and help individuals trying to lose weight. AOD 9604 is a modified fragment of human growth hormone (HGH). The injection helps stimulate the pituitary gland similarly to HGH and other growth hormones, in an effort to speed up the metabolism, and help increase weight loss results.

By stimulating lipolysis, inhibiting lipogenesis, and regulating fat metabolizing, the injection helps burn more fat, and helps individuals burn more calories than they would with normal dietary restrictions and exercise alone. The end result is greater weight loss results, in a shorter period of time, without the negative impacts some individuals realize when using HGH or other supplements when trying to lose weight.

How to use AOD 9604?

AOD 9604 injections should be administered subcutaneously. Similarly, to HGH injections, this allows the peptide to enter the bloodstream quickly and will deliver immediate results to users. The best time to use the injection is in the morning, on an empty stomach. Although there is no stipulated dosage, individuals will administer approximately 300 mcg/day, to achieve the greatest results.

It is best to understand how AOD 9604 interacts with other drugs, supplements, and injections you’re using, to ensure the greatest results are achieved. Additionally, dosage may vary given other supplements you’re taking, so it is best to discuss use with a healthcare professional prior to starting a dosage cycle. Doing so will guarantee the safest results, and the greatest benefits when starting an AOD 9604 dosage cycle.

Primary Benefits of Using AOD 9604

AOD 9604 is marketed as an anti-obesity drug, to trigger areas with abnormally high levels of fat deposits in the body. It has the same benefits as HGH, however, it does not target the blood sugar levels or IGF-1 levels in the same manner. So, individuals who are using this injection, aren’t going to feel side effects they might experience if they are using HGH growth hormones to help them achieve their weight loss goals over time.

AOD 9604 works to help regulate the body’s metabolism. It will help speed up the metabolism, meaning greater fat burning, calorie burning, and greater weight loss results in a shorter period of time. By destructing fat cells, the body can target revving up the metabolism, and inhibiting lipogenesis.

Individuals are going to realize the greatest results if they are following a lower calorie diet and are exercising. This will help promote greater weight loss results, and it is going to ensure higher caloric burn throughout the day. The regenerative powers of AOD have also been noted to help individuals who suffer from conditions like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. It can help improve bone strength and help prevent wear and tear on the joints and muscles over time.

Although it is available as a troche and as an injection form, those who want to realize the greatest results will find that they are achieved using the injection form. Since the injection is administered directly into the bloodstream, the body can ingest the greatest dosage levels of AOD 9604 in this form. So, those who want to achieve greater weight loss results, in a short period of time, will opt for this form of the supplementation when beginning a dosage cycle.

Risks Associated with Use of AOD 9604

Like all supplements and injections, prior to starting a dosage cycle of AOD 9604 individuals should familiarize themselves with the potential risks and adverse interactions, especially if they are taking other drugs or supplements. Although it isn’t as potent as HGH, there are certain side effects and possible risks that individuals should understand are possible, if they choose to use this injection.

There are no known health risks associated with using this injection. However, like other supplements, upset stomach, headaches, pain at the site of injection, reddening, swelling, and other discomfort at the point of injection are also positive. For some, there is the possibility that it will interact adversely with other injections or supplements that you are currently taking. Always discuss use of this product and any other medications you may be taking with your physician.

One of the primary benefits users find with this supplement, is that there are few known side effects and complications which are associated with it. For individuals who are looking for a safe alternative to help them achieve their weight loss results and goals, this is a great option to consider using alongside a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Proper Dosage of AOD 9604

When administering AOD 9604, it should be done in the morning for the best results. The injection is a subcutaneous injection. Some individuals might choose to administer multiple injections throughout the course of the day; however, one injection in the morning 30 minutes before food will allow for the body to fully metabolize the AOD 9604. This will ensure the greatest results are achieved when trying to lose weight.

There is no precise dosage that is specific for each individual. Each injection is going to have its own dosage instructions, and this is what should be followed by individuals who are using it. A suggested dosage is 300 mcg/day. If taking the injection with other supplements, discuss proper dosage with your doctor or a healthcare professional, to ensure the best results are achieved, and to ensure you are safely utilizing this powerful injection to help achieve the desired goals you have in mind.

How to Properly Inject AOD 9604?

There’s no secret to injecting the AOD 9604 injection. It is similar to other injection vials. You’ll place the needle into the AOD 9604 vial, and using the syringe fill it up to the desired dosage level. This will be administered subcutaneously. This allows the fastest absorption rates, and also ensures the greatest levels are taken into the bloodstream by the body.

Some areas to consider injecting are at the stomach area, where there is a higher level of fat concentration. For individuals who are sensitive to needles, this might also help minimize the pain levels you are going to experience when injecting the needle. It is easy to find the right point of injection and ensures fast absorption rates are achieved when injecting the supplement.

How to Store AOD 9604

AOD 9604 should be stored in a cool temperature once the vial has been opened. The reconstituted peptides should be stored in a refrigerator, at a temperature level ranging from 2 to 8 degrees C. At this temperature level, the peptides can safely be stored for a period of up to 4 weeks.

As with all injection vials and supplements, the use by date might vary with each manufacturer of the AOD 9604 vials. So, make sure to check with the manufacturer of the product that you choose to purchase. Doing this will ensure the safest results, and also ensure that you are using the injection properly, to achieve the greatest results when trying to lose weight with this supplement form.

Should I Take AOD 9604 on an Empty Stomach or with Food?

As detailed above, there is no specific “tried and true” rule as it relates to using the AOD

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