HGH OMNITROP 3,3mg/ml 1,5ml 15IU (SANDOZ)

Omnitrope is a synthesized growth hormone from the manufacturer Sandoz, which has an anabolic effect. The active substance of the drug is somatotropin.

Omnitrop is widely used by athletes in preparation for competitions to accelerate the growth of muscle mass. It also plays an important role in improving many indicators and effectiveness of training.

The hormone has a high degree of purification, with the correct course and compliance with dosages it is safe and does not cause side effects.


  • Anabolic effect-a marked increase in muscle mass

  • Anti-catabolic effect-inhibits the destruction of muscles

  • Fat burning effect due to improved protein and fat metabolism

  • Normalizes cholesterol levels in the blood

  • Synthesizes the release of insulin

  • Accelerates the recovery and healing process after injuries

  • Strengthen immunity

  • Has a rejuvenating effect

  • Strengthens joints and improves bone density

  • Increases endurance and physical activity

The drug is prescribed in medical practice to patients with growth hormone deficiency.

According to reviews, 81% of athletes noted a positive effect in the area of muscle mass gain, 85% rated the fat-burning effect, and 90% said that the injections were well tolerated without side effects.

One package contains 1 cartridge of 15 iu of active substance.

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