Humatrope Somatropine is a Chinese human growth hormone with a high degree of purification (more than 98%), which has gained confidence not only among amateurs and athletes of various levels and directions, but also among professionals.

Main advantages:

  • Active growth of high-quality muscle mass

  • Mobilization of visceral and subcutaneous fat

  • Strengthening of bones, ligaments and joints

  • Increasing body tone

  • Strengthening of immunity

  • Improving the condition and elasticity of the skin

  • Increase in strength and endurance

According to our customers, just 2-3 months of taking the growth hormone Humatrope somatropin can lead the body to the ideal, desired forms and perfect health without compromising it.

Method of use and dosage:

  • Athletes who are involved in active training from 5 to 10 iu required to use;

  • To improve health and prevent diseases 2-4 iu of the hormone are enough;

Please note!

Injections of the drug must be administered in the abdominal area, but the area should be periodically changed!

One pack contains: 100 iu (10 vials of 10 iu of dry substance).

  • To dilute the drug, 2 ml of water for injections for EACH ampoule is required.

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