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Payment Policy
The payment can be made using Western Union, MoneyGram or Bitcoin (click on
any of the methods to get detailed instructions about the payment).
Before you buy, check the listing to see which payment methods darkpharma.com
When you check out and pay, make sure to verify or change your shipping details
and choose the suitable payment method accepted by darkpharma.com
You’ll then confirm your order details and get the details for payment by any
method listed above.

Later you’ll get an email letting you know your payment was received and when
your order will be shipped.
To speed things up in check out, you can:
 Save the payment details
 Pay with the methods accepted by darkpharma.com
Buyer protection
According to our Payment Policy and Money Back Guarantee, you’re protected
for the full value of most orders, including shipping, when you pay with the
methods accepted by darkpharma.com

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