How to pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been the hottest thing in the world of finance for the last several
years. If you still don’t know how to use this digital currency and want to find
out who accepts Bitcoin these days, you are on the right page. In this short article,
we are going to give you some basic advice on how to start using Bitcoin in no


1. Choose Your Bitcoin Wallet
Before being able to pay with Bitcoin, you must find a wallet where you can store
your digital currency. This will serve as your Bitcoin bank account through which
you can store, pay, and receive money. There are many free crypto wallets on the
web, and they all work well on both desktop and mobile devices. Just make an
account using your personal details, and you’re good to go.


2. Buy Bitcoin
After your wallet is set up, comes the time for you to buy some bitcoins. You can
do this through one of the many cryptocurrency exchange services. Do your
research and get the best possible price for bitcoin at the moment. 
You can buy bitcoins using your credit card or a bank account. Just provide the
exchange service with your bitcoin wallet address and the transaction will be
completed in minutes.


3. Start Paying with Bitcoin
If an online merchant has the option of Bitcoin payments, you just need to copy
their Bitcoin address and paste it into a designated field on your wallet. Type in
the right amount of bitcoins into the payment box and click ‘send’. Just make sure
that you always type in the exact amount as displayed in the payment window.
The transaction should be completed in a couple of seconds. 
You’ll be happy to know that Bitcoin is accepted by most of the top stores and
services online. If you need a list of some of the best companies that are Bitcoin-
friendly today, check out our infographic below. Enjoy!

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